Nick has entered two wheat beers in the AHA National Homebrew Competition and we’ll be brewing those tomorrow: a Wildflower Wheat (American wheat yeast, wildflower honey, and dried chamomile), and a Blood Orange Hefeweizen (Bavarian hefe yeast, orange blossom honey, and blood orange peel). Yummy, right?!

He’s going to do a 10 gallon batch and use a base grain bill, but he’s going to split the pre-boil and do a decoction mash. He explained the process of “decoction” to me last night, but that homebrew talk page can explain it much better than I ever could.

So today, Nick will be planning out brew day and I’ll be planning the MemphisGPO kickoff event and other events for the coming months. And tonight, we celebrate the upcoming nuptials of Nick’s best childhood friend, Tyler, and his beautiful fiancée, Margaret. Yup, it’s wedding season again!