Hanson, the blonde band of brothers who brought us “MMMBop” in the late-90s, have ventured into the brewing business.

Wondering why I hadn’t heard about this before, I did some Googling and found this Washington Post article from 2011. However, the reason this news is gaining momentum now can be attributed to yesterday’s release of Hangover 3, as this BeerPulse article┬ádetails.

In any case, their signature beer is an IPA and it is appropriately named, ‘Mmmhops.’ I have this strange fascination with “punny” beer names, specifically IPAs, and this just tickled my fancy.

As the article suggests, the brothers are serious craft beer enthusiasts and it’s always neat to hear about celebrities’ activities outside of what they’re known for. Now the question remains: is it any good? And if so, when and where will it be available to the general public?