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Tulips at University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Memphis, Tennessee

Bring May flowers… flowers I hope to plant, at some point or another, after Nick and I move into our house at the end of the month! After searching daily for a house that fit all of our requirements, we finally found a nice one to rent and we’re very excited to start this next stage of our relationship. I won’t get all sappy on here, but with the direction our relationship is going, we decided this is the next logical step :) It’s going to be a great house for entertaining family and friends and it’s plenty spacious for all of our needs, especially storing (and expanding) Nick’s homebrewing equipment. He’s already planning on getting a 14 cubic foot chest freezer to make a new keezer, and then using the current seven cubic foot keezer solely for fermenting. And I’ve already been on Pinterest planning DIY projects and taking note of quick and simple organization tips that I never would have thought of before. What did we ever do before that website existed?

And now for the beer news update:

  • The Beer Tax Reform Act of 2013 passed the Senate and House Finance Committees today and it will come to a full floor vote within the week — great news!
  • It’s good to see there are some legislators in Alabama with some sense! A new bill to legalize homebrewing in Alabama passed through the House today on a 58-33 vote. Mississippi homebrewers got good news last month, so let’s hope the same for their neighbors. However, after reading some of the comments from AL representatives today (and judging from a previous debate on this same topic), Alabama may still be a good while away from legalizing homebrewing…

Well, off to start sorting, organizing, packing, etc. — cheers!


Exhibit A:ribs

Exhibit B:steak

Note: I have nothing against vegetarians. I like veggies. But I also like meat. 

We took a hiatus from brewing this past weekend and instead, enjoyed our second favorite weekend activity: cooking out. After waking up early on Saturday and attempting to make a mushroom and bell pepper omelet (which ended up being scrambled eggs), we went to Costco to get some meat. We lucked out and got the last package of spare ribs [Exhibit A], then headed over to Shannon and Allyson’s house. Since Nick bought his smoker last year and Shannon got his as a wedding gift, the boys have become quite the BBQ pitmasters in their own right. Eventually Adam and Sarah came over, and while we waited for the ribs to cook, the six of us sat down for a nice game of Cards Against Humanity. If you’re unfamiliar with this game, all you need to know is that it’s like Apples to Apples, just a lot more “politically incorrect.” I really can’t describe the fun that is CAH… you’ll just have to play for yourself and find out!

On Sunday, we decided to use my Folk’s Folly gift certificate (thanks to the Memphis Flyer Tuesday Trivia question!) and rather than dining at the restaurant, we went to the Prime Cut Shoppe and got two 16 oz New York strip steaks to grill at home. I had been craving some bacon wrapped asparagus, so I consulted Pinterest and found this quick and easy Martha Stewart recipe. Nick also made some garlic and parsley compound butter for the steaks and we had ourselves a five-star dinner [Exhibit B] — so delicious!

But, we’ll be back in the brewing groove this weekend because Nick’s got 10 gallons of IPA to brew for the upcoming Memphis Brewfest — his first beer in a local beerfest! Cheers!