I’ve noticed that when I make new year’s resolutions, I rarely keep them. Therefore, this year, I made new year’s non-resolutions (my theory is that there’s some stigma attached to the word “resolution” that makes them harder to keep). Anyways, one of my non-resolutions is to start blogging again and actually continue to blog regularly… so here we are. And what better way to make it routine than to write about things (aside from work) that are ‘routine’ in my life — namely, Nick, homebrewing, and our love of craft beer.

A second non-resolution of mine is to start the Memphis chapter of Girls’ Pint Out. For those of you wondering, Girls’ Pint Out is a national organization geared towards women to educate them about craft beer and to get them more active in the, predominantly male, craft beer community. After seeing a Twitter friend post about her local GPO chapter, and noticing the male:female ratio at beer festivals and our local homebrew club meetings, I decided to contact the founder of GPO to see about starting a new chapter. She emailed me last week detailing chapter responsibility etc., and MemphisGPO is on it’s way to having a kickoff event in March! And with the craft beer scene getting better and better each week in Memphis, it’s an exciting time for our inaugural year.

Lastly, on the homebrewing news front, we finally became members of our local homebrew club, Bluff City Brewers and Connoisseurs, and Nick joined the American Homebrewers Association. We did a lot of brewing last year, but that was mainly for our personal consumption. So, with these two new memberships, we’re planning on being more active within the homebrewing community and Nick’s already got the ball rolling on that. Last week, he did an IPA judging session for the Bluff City Brewer’s Annual Extravaganza, and this week, he registered and entered five beers in the AHA National Homebrew Competition! Exciting times ahead, for sure — stay tuned!